Proper Maintenance for your Floor Cleaning Machine

With the regular use of floor cleaning equipment for your commercial properties, administering proper maintenance is important in making sure that machine is in its good, working condition. Here are a few simple things to do for your equipment.

  • Recovery tanks – Regularly clean equipment’s recovery tank by draining its contents, especially the dirty water, and rinsing it afterwards. Let it air dry by removing the lids for some time to prevent buildup of foul odors inside the tank.
  • Solution tanks – Similar to recovery tanks, solution tanks should also be emptied to avoid stiffening and clogging the filters.
  • Brushes/pads – Observe regular cleaning after each use to remove accumulated dirt. Replacing these is also important, especially if machine’s been used for a long time.
  • Vacuum ports/squeegee – These parts contain all the collected dirt from the time it was used, which is why they should be cleaned right after each use, ideally before its contents dry up. Not cleaning these parts may result in machine problems like inability to clean and dry the floor area.

It’s also imperative that you receive after-sales support for these equipment, especially with repairs, to keep them working for as long as possible. Technical support is a must among commercial cleaning equipment dealers, given the equipment’s intricacies.


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