The Right Cleaning Equipment for a Warehouse

Warehouses will always be around to store products and materials, and keep them protected from various elements. Regardless of overall dimensions, you can be grateful for the large covers sheltering your products, perhaps under controlled conditions, ready to be pulled out when the need arises. The very nature of warehouses, however, make them susceptible to dirt and debris, warranting the use of floor scrubbers with sufficient capability. In getting the right floor scrubber for your warehouse facility, consider the following:


The type of flooring provides ample clues to what kind of debris you can expect to deal with, and the cleaning equipment that would be best suited for it. Unpaved concrete floors are susceptible to dirt from inbound foot traffic, for example. Some floor types may even warrant equipment which makes use of a cleaning liquid while scrubbing and drying in a single motion.

Equipment Size

A look at your supplier’s catalog can help you choose which size fits the overall cleaning requirements of the warehouse. Some experts say that if the warehouse is not that large, a walk-behind unit may sufficiently clean the entire area in no more than three hours. In determining the needed cleaning time, however, you should also factor in the length of time it would need to clear the hoppers, refill cleaning tanks, and other extra actions the operator might need to do.


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