Commercial & Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Clean floors are a non-negotiable in commercial and industrial environments. Dirty floors can release pollutants into the air, which can be harmful to the health of those around. High foot traffic spots are particularly prone to gathering dirt.

Wherever intensive cleaning is required, the use of commercial floor cleaning machines in the form of polishers, steamers, scrubbers, and pressure washers often proves vital.

What are Scrubbers?

Floor scrubbers perform the same work as getting on your hands and knees with a scrubber in hand, except the machines do it faster and more efficiently. They are also more hygienic as they are designed to separate clean water from waste water, while a squeegee add-on scoops up unclean water with greater efficiency.

What are Floor Polishers?

Also known as floor buffers or floor burnishers, these useful pieces of equipment make the task of polishing floors less tiresome. Floor burnishers resemble upright vacuum cleaners, but instead of just sucking up dirt, an abrasive rotating pad levels slight imperfections on the floor to leave it shinier and smoother.

What are Steamers?

Steam cleaning is suggested for rigorous cleaning wherever stubborn dirt refuses to dislodge. The machinery uses very little water to create steam while an add-on head agitates dirt.

What are Pressure Washers?

Outdoor settings like porches, decks, and walkways gather lots of dust and dirt, which could be tough to remove manually. Pressure washers are designed for this particular job and are frequently used in commercial establishments.


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