Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: A Buying Guide

For safety and maintenance, every facility needs floor-cleaning tools or equipment, from traditional brooms and mops to commercial floor cleaning machines. In choosing which between a sweeper and a scrubber to use in your building, you have to consider your specific cleaning needs.

Generally, sweepers are equipped with fast-rotating circular brushes that sweep up debris then store them in a built-in container. They are best for ridding your floor of solid, fibrous debris like wood chips and metal shavings. On the other hand, scrubbers are best used for light, dusty debris, especially on hard floors with oily surfaces.

If you operate a large-scale commercial facility, sweeping or brushing alone may not be enough to keep your floor clean. You would have to sweep first then scrub to effectively remove dirt. Combination machines can do both, but they often have limited hopper and tank capacities. This means the operator has to stop more frequently to empty the hopper and refill the tank, leading to longer cleaning times compared to using a separate scrubber and sweeper.

When buying a commercial floor cleaning machine, opt for one that offers maximum maneuverability even in high-traffic areas. Beyond just the price, consider other equally important factors, such as functionality and maintenance cost.


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