Best Cleaning Agents for Floor Cleaning Machines

Commercial floor cleaning machines are designed to help you more thoroughly and efficiently clean and even sanitize your space. They are suitable for use with a wide range of floor types, and come with different features and power capabilities designed for particular cleaning needs. In addition to choosing the right equipment for use in your facility, you will also need to choose the right cleaning agents.

A Healthy, Effective Option

Some chemicals may be effective at cleaning your floors, but they can be unhealthy to be around. It is wise to review the ingredients list and health warnings on the packaging before you make a final decision about which cleaning product to use in your commercial space. The best option will be both effective at cleaning the floor and healthy to have in an enclosed environment, such as your office building or warehouse.

Safe for Your Floor Type 

The cleaning agent that you select should be well-suited for the type of floor that you have. Some materials can be damaged with regular use of harsh cleaning agents. You can research the recommendations for cleaning agents for your floor type based on factors like abrasiveness, acidity and more before you make the decision that is best for your space.

Floor cleaning machines provide an effective, efficient way to clean commercial floors, but they may need to be used with cleaning agents. These tips will help you to make the best decision when selecting the cleaning agents to use with your equipment.


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