Types of Floor Cleaning Machines for Hard Flooring

Commercial floor cleaning machines are used in schools, hospitals, shopping centers, stores, factories, warehouses and other large buildings to remove dirt, dust and grease that accumulate on the floor’s surface. These machines use powerful cleaning solutions that also work to disinfect the floor and make its surface sanitary. The type of commercial floor cleaning machine you should use depends on the kind of flooring that needs to be cleaned.

Single Disc Machines
Single disc commercial floor cleaning machines are the most basic type of large floor cleaner. The operator walks behind the machine and steers it. The cleaner has one rotating disc that is covered with either brushes or a soft pad. The rapidly rotating disk scrubs the floor clean. Separate passes must be taken to apply cleaning solution, agitate it and then dry the floor.

Automatic Scrubbing Machines
An automatic commercial floor cleaning machine combines the actions of applying cleaning solution, agitating the solution to loosen dirt, and vacuuming up the spent solution and returning it to the machine. These floor cleaning systems save time, as only one pass is needed to get the floor clean.

Grout Cleaning Machines
Commercial buildings that have tiled floors will need to have the grout cleaned. Commercial floor cleaning machines outfitted with specialty scrubbers can get into the grout and remove dirt that has penetrated into the porous surface. The cylindrical bristles of the machine rotate rapidly to loosen dirt.


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