Commercial Flooring: Cleaning Tips for Each Floor

Flooring material is a serious consideration for any facility since the qualities of each type can vary greatly. In addition, cleaning and maintenance requirements also differ depending on the material you choose, so it pays to do proper research before you make a final selection.


Rubber is a practical and safe option if your workspace has a high risk for slipping or falling. This material is usually textured with ribbing or studs for better slip resistance, so expect it to tolerate physical impact and moisture quite well. When cleaning, avoid using cleansers with turpentine and harsh pads in your floor cleaner that can scar its surface.


Cork is the perfect option if you require sound insulation for your property due to its sound-deadening capabilities. When it comes to maintenance, moisture is one of the mortal enemy of cork floors. Finally, heavy spills or stains are best dealt with using floor cleaners, but be sure to get the recommended version for cork floors.


Vinyl is a preferred flooring for many in the industry due to its wide range of aesthetic choices, cost-effectiveness, and amazing durability. Get dirt, sand, and other tiny abrasive particles out with the help of your floor cleaner before they wear down the vinyl, and make sure you use the right cleaning solutions to avoid damage.

Rubber, cork, and vinyl are just some of the great choices out there if you’re looking for commercial flooring. Whatever you choose, always use the right cleaning equipment and methods to keep your investment looking great for many years to come.


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