Huge Spaces Covered by Commercial Floor Scrubbers

Consider the commercial floor scrubber. It does its job humbly and reliably, and it gets to play a useful role in some uniquely large spaces.

World’s Largest Mall

Shopping malls offer miles of floor space to be scrubbed. The largest mall in the world as of 2015 is Dongguan, China’s New South China Mall, and it boasts more than 7,000,000 square feet.

World’s Largest Auto Showroom

Imagine one auto dealership that offers thousands of cars, trucks and SUVs. London’s aptly named Car Giant sports nearly 400,000 square feet of showroom floor.

World’s Largest Factory

The largest factory in the world has produced tens of millions of cars. At Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg facility in Germany, a team of scrubbers could perpetually cover the job of cleaning its 13,000,000 square feet of floor space.

World’s Largest Casino

One can bet that the world’s hoteliers and gaming companies will keep building bigger casinos. At this time, China’s Venetian Macao Resort Hotel has the most square footage of any casino in the world. This gambling jewel has a recreation of Venice’s canals and more than 500,000 square feet of floors to shine.

The Scrubber Spectrum

While commercial floor scrubbers can cover huge areas of ground, a business’s space need not be enormous to warrant employing a scrubbers’ cleaning powers. Cleaning-industry professionals know that any commercial business with a floor periodically needs that floor scrubbed.


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