Overlooked Factors when Buying a Floor Scrubber

No matter whether you operate a small business or a large commercial one, there is no question about the fact that using a traditional mop and bucket is a thing of the past. Not only does a floor scrubber make it so that you can more quickly and easily clean your floors, but it also results in a deeper and more polished clean than you would likely receive from a traditional mop and bucket. Still, when you’re in the market to buy a floor scrubber, there a few considerations that you should keep in mind that are oftentimes overlooked.

Width of Doorways

It’s important to remember the width of your doorways because you certainly don’t want to purchase a floor scrubber that is too big to maneuver in and out of each space of your business. For large commercial spaces, this might not be much of any issue, but for smaller businesses, the width of the doorways might make a huge difference. You certainly don’t want to purchase a floor scrubber only to find that you can’t get it where you need it to be.

Storage Space

While you might be preoccupied about checking out other features about the floor scrubber you’re interested in buying, it’s also essential to consider how much storage space you have for the machine. Storing your floor scrubber in a safe place that is out of sight of customers is essential, not only to keep your business looking professional, but for the safety of the equipment as well.


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