Different Floor Scrubbers for Different Floors

Don’t be too quick in choosing a floor scrubber for your business space. It may be the right size, cost, and have the correct type of capabilities, but if it is not made for use on the particular type of flooring used in your office, it might not do you any good.

Different flooring materials require different types of care and maintenance, and you would do well to factor these details in so that you can make the best decision possible.

Soft Bristles and Brushes. Scrubbers like this would be perfect if your floors are made of laminated hardwood or vinyl. Because this type of material is prone to scratches, you would need a scrubber that would not make the flooring vulnerable to damage.

Stiff Bristles. Use this for flooring made of cement, which could have cracks and pores where dust could hide and accumulate. The stiff bristles would do a good job in sweeping them out, making for a more thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Solutions. Laminated wood is often easy to clean, requiring only water. Vinyl and tiles, however, may need the application of certain cleaning solutions, so get equipment that can accommodate both. Shiners and buffers may also be necessary.

You can also choose floor scrubbers that have noise minimizers. This should be considered, especially if the cleaning will be conducted in a high-traffic area. That way, operating it won’t be as loud and distracting for others who may need to be in the same room as well.


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