How Floor Scrubbers Can Prevent the Spread of Nosocomial Diseases

Many people think that a hospital is the last place where they can catch a disease. After all, a hospital is the first place they go to when they need treatment. However, professionals in the health industry know that the truth is more nuanced that this.

While hospitals try their best to keep the premises as sanitary as possible, there’s always the risk of a patient contracting a nosocomial disease–otherwise known as a hospital acquired disease–especially if they are confined for prolonged periods.

Hospital Acquired Diseases: A Closer Look

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 1 in 20 American patients (or about 5%) will get a hospital acquired disease during their stay. However, this phenomenon is not confined only to U.S. hospitals; Kalorama Information, an independent medical market research firm, says that nosocomial infections affect between 3.5% to 12% of all admissions in developed countries.


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