Factors to Consider when Buying a Floor Scrubber

There’s no doubt that commercial floor scrubbers can do wonders in keeping any space clean. Unlike the traditional mop and bucket, the machine’s scrub heads leave floors much cleaner. In choosing the right floor scrubber for your particular cleaning needs, several factors are in play.

The Size of the Area

Many owners tend to base the size of their cleaning needs on the largest area in the facility, though doing so can do more harm than good. Instead, evaluate all of the areas wherein the floor scrubber will be used. It’s better to have a scrubber that can clean smaller spaces as well.

Door Width

Most floor scrubbers are designed to fit a modern doorway, though some buildings may still have a variety of doorway sizes. To make sure that a scrubber will fit through any door in your building, make sure to evaluate its width by checking its machine specifications.

Storage Options

Like most equipment, you should have ample storage space for your floor scrubber. It’s not enough, though, to find an empty cupboard and leave your floor scrubber there, as there’s always a chance that these machines can be tampered with. Make sure, then, to find a spot where you can safely store your floor scrubber.

With these factors in mind, you can then find a commercial floor scrubber that may even exceed your expectations.


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