Floor Scrubbers Ideal in the Hospital

According to the World Health Organization, the noise levels among patient rooms at 35 dBA or A-weighted decibels during the day and 30 dBA at night. Despite this, however, peak noise levels in healthcare settings often reach 85 to 90 dBA. With this in mind, hospitals are now looking for ways to reduce noise levels, starting with investing in floor scrubbers that operate at quieter levels.

The Importance of Low Noise Levels

There’s a reason why the World Health Organization dictates a particular noise level for patient rooms, as noise has a major effect in the recuperation of a patient. In fact, in a study from the Harvard Medical School, hospital patients singled out excessive noise as a factor that negatively affects their recovery. Once they are surrounded with noise, their heart rates go faster, thus making it harder for them to get some rest.

Acceptable Levels for Cleaning Equipment

Currently, the optimum noise levels from carpet extractors, vacuums, and burnishers should only be around 70 decibels. As an action to lower the noise levels around patient rooms, hospitals should consider using quieter cleaning equipment in these areas. The louder ones, on the other hand, can be used in offices, lobbies, and other common areas.

Cleaning machines like floor scrubbers will work perfectly on a healthcare setting. It produces lower noise levels, though it does not compromise the cleanliness of a space.


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