Comparing Top Commercial Floor Cleaners

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning machines, you usually have two options to go for: ride-on scrubbers and walk-behind scrubbers. While they both might produce the same results, their application and usage is quite different. Here is an overview of both machines and the best ways to utilize them:

Ride-On Equipment

Ride-on equipment is generally considered best for cleaning huge floors where it is practically impossible to walk with the cleaner. The operator has a clearer view of the front, making it safer when cleaning tight corners or areas with people. However, these cleaning machines are not always compact in size. Compared to other types of cleaning machines, ride-on machines are usually the largest. In addition, they also consume more energy to power the driving mechanism.

Walk-Behind Equipment

Walk-behind equipment is best for areas that are open, have fewer tight spaces, and are less crowded. These machines are budget-friendly since they do not have the driving functionality, which means less fuel or energy consumption. Walk-behind machines are usually more economical than ride-on machines and are best to clean smaller places.

Both machines have almost identical cleaning functions with the only difference of the driving capability which makes ride-on machines favorable in conditions where walking is not suitable. Walk-behind and ride-on cleaning machines are currently considered the best for cleaning purposes. Machines made with steel chassis and a robust body can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Think of these machines as a smart one-time investment for your cleaning needs.


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