Maintaining the Vacuum of Floor Scrubbers

When you invest in expensive cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers, it is important that you understand how to maintain them. While most premium quality floor scrubbers require little to no maintenance, there are a few tasks you must regularly carry out in order to prolong the life and efficiency of the machine.

Vacuum in Floor Scrubbers

One of the most important parts of a floor scrubber is the vacuum, which sucks in the dusty air to ensure the atmosphere is clean. If the vacuum is out of order, your scrubber’s performance will be affected, it will be consuming more power and the air will be dusty and unsafe to breathe in. To help you out, here are some basic tips to keep the vacuum in its best shape:

Emptying the Bag Regularly

This is probably the most basic vacuum cleaning tip and also the most overlooked one. You need to regularly clean the bag or tank to make sure there is no clogging or debris buildup that would obstruct the scrubber’s performance.

Clean the Recovery Tank

The recovery tank is a crucial component of the scrubber. If the tank is not cleaned regularly, it will result in buildup of detergent and fungus on the walls of the tank. In order to prevent mold, you must regularly wash the tank and allow it to dry completely before using it again. Maintaining the vacuum of the floor scrubber is crucial if you want the machine to perform at its best. By employing these minor maintenance steps, you can make your machine work effectively and efficiently for many years to come.


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