Strategies for Finding a Commercial Floor Scrubber

An ideal tool your company can use for highly efficient cleaning is a commercial floor scrubber. To find one that fits your company’s needs, consider these aspects before making a purchase.


Your cleaning staff might have different methods and preferences when performing their duties. That’s why you need to find a commercial floor scrubber that is adjustable so that everyone can use the machine if they need to.

For ride-on scrubbers, try to select one that has an adjustable seat. Operators can find the perfect position when they are using the machine, allowing them to clean for as long as possible. For manual floor scrubbers, see if you can find one that can adjust in height or has a handle that adjusts.

Storage Capacity

You should also consider the storage capacity of the floor scrubber. Ideally, you want it to be as big as possible so that you can clean for longer stretches of time. Some of these storage compartments are going to be heavy, especially with the contents inside. The compartment is ideally lifted by two people when it is being emptied, so that injuries can be avoided.

Easy-To-Access Parts

In order for your commercial floor scrubber to work properly for a long time, it needs to be regularly maintained. Make this process easy by finding a machine that has easy-to-access parts. Then, operators don’t have to spend too much time clearing out or dealing with parts that are hard to get to.

With these notes in mind, you’ll be able to find a floor scrubber that works well for your company.


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