How to Jump-Start Your Own Cleaning Business

According to recent research, the industrial cleaning business will continue to grow over the next five years. This forecast means even small cleaning firms can enjoy a sizeable piece of the market’s pie. All a smaller cleaning firm needs to maximize its chances for business growth are the right tools.

Finding your niche

The industrial cleaning business is too diverse to possibly cater to all client types. The most lucrative cleaning businesses tend to focus on particular segments of the client market. However, their specialized services can at times overlap with other client needs outside of their market segment. For example, most janitorial service cleaning businesses also offer carpet cleaning and window cleaning, two separate and entirely different services that can be bundled with janitorial services.

It will also help if you can specifically identify your target market so that you can match your equipment, staff and supplies to the chosen market segment.

Track your expenses

Spending a considerable amount of money to stay afloat is a fact of life in running a business, especially in a labor-intensive service such as industrial cleaning. Every penny spent on labor and related costs should be meticulously accounted for so that you can calculate the exact amount of revenue you require to ensure a profitable cleaning operation.

Most cleaning businesses, particularly those that offer janitorial services, tend to find ways in which they can monitor and control expenditures. Most of these businesses have already realized that commercial floor-cleaning machines prove to be labor cost savers.

Furthermore, the use of these machines can help you control overhead costs because they use a quantitative volume of chemicals to do the job. Some of these machines even run on maintenance-free batteries to lengthen their service life, a plus when it comes to saving on overhead.


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