Using Floor Scrubbers to Avoid Damaged Flooring

Floor cleaning has always been one of the most tedious of tasks for any janitorial service firm. Fortunately, modern technology has spawned automatic equipment to help ease the burden of cleaning floors.

Aside from vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers have also enjoyed an increasing amount of recognition from most cleaning companies for its practicality and efficiency in keeping commercial and industrial floors clean. However, some floor surfaces tend to get scratched with the slightest movement. A janitorial service crew must therefore be careful when using floor scrubbers to prevent any damage.

Proper floor care

It is easy to blame floor scrubbers for damaged floors, but it is usually the cleaning solution that is the actual culprit. The wrong cleaning solution can chemically react with a hard floor, thus setting it up for some serious damage when a floor scrubber makes contact. This is why it is as important to choose the right cleaning solution as choosing the right brand and type of floor scrubber to suit your needs.

For example, if your commercial flooring is made of asphalt tile or is covered with linoleum, then using a solvent-type cleaning solution will most likely soften or dissolve your flooring. Make sure that your cleaning solution or detergent is not too basic (or has a pH greater than 10) to guarantee the longevity of the flooring. On the other hand, floors made of natural marble are not made to be cleaned with excessively acidic solutions because it will lead to rapid deterioration of your flooring.

Understanding the type of flooring and what cleaning solution should be dispensed by the floor scrubber can help maintain the integrity of a building’s flooring.


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