Using a Commercial Floor Scrubber in Warehouses

If you’re considering using a commercial floor scrubber in a warehouse setting, you may be wondering which type of floor scrubber to choose. You may also be concerned whether a commercial floor scrubber is a machine worth investing in for your facility. In truth, purchasing a commercial floor scrubber for your warehouse may be one of the smartest decisions you could make.

Which Type of Commercial Floor Scrubber?

Both walk-behind and ride-on commercial floor scrubbers have benefits in a warehouse setting. A ride-on floor scrubber will allow your staff to cover more ground in a shorter time, reducing the manpower needed to get the job done, and therefore reducing business overheads. A walk-behind scrubber will enable the user to access harder-to-reach areas (such as underneath shelving units) and will improve staff safety as lines of vision are improved. Depending on the size of your facility, it may be beneficial to invest in both types of commercial floor scrubber.

Why Invest in a Commercial Floor Scrubber for your Warehouse?

Not only will you reduce costs, but you will also clean better as well as improve safety and productivity. The worker will also be less fatigued when using a commercial floor scrubber, and will be able to complete other tasks in the time gained back from using the machine over manual methods.

The brushes in a commercial floor scrubber remove much more dirt than wet mopping, and leave behind less residue after the clean. This means employees don’t need to postpone their work while cleaning takes place. Instead, they can continue walking and working safely, which is more efficient for your business.

Purchasing a commercial floor scrubber for your warehouse will revolutionize your business.


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