The Safety Features of a Floor Scrubber

When using a floor scrubber in your commercial setting, you need to be aware of safety concerns: that of the user, of other employees, and of overall organisational safety. However, floor scrubbers are designed with security in mind, so that your business can operate effectively without compromising on safety.

Safety for the User

Ride-on floor scrubbers are ergonomically designed to ensure the safety of the operator. They tend to have a cushioned seat to provide comfort and reduce back and spinal pain, and the seating position can be adjusted to suit all users. Controls are also easily accessible on the dashboard, so that the machine can be quickly powered down in case of emergency, protecting staff from harm.

Likewise, a walk-behind floor scrubber has an adjustable column to protect against on-the-job back injuries.

Safety for Other Staff

All ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubbers offer clear paths of vision, so when people are around, there’s no risk of collision. A floor scrubber is also optimized to move at a speed that’s the right balance between productivity and safety, so staff can move out of the scrubber’s path in time.

Also, due to the mechanical design of the floor scrubber, water is not left behind after cleaning, so employees can safely continue walking on the floor without the risk of slipping. This way, you will not only provide  security to staff but will also increase the overall efficiency of the business environment.

Safety for the Business

A floor scrubber removes more dirt than manual cleaning does, so the business environment is less likely to harbor bacteria. A good quality floor scrubber is also sure to meet the safety requirements of a business.

Using a floor scrubber is a practical way to keep a company unit safe and secure, whilst maximising productivity and protecting staff. Manual cleaning methods simply can’t compete with the benefits of a commercial floor scrubber.


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