Green Features to Love about Floor Scrubbers

A commercial floor scrubber is designed to deliver efficient and thorough cleaning in a short amount of time. Many business establishments have already seen the potential of these machines in improving the productivity of their cleaning staff, as well as maintaining overall workplace safety for everyone in the vicinity. Aside from offering those benefits, these machines also adhere to green standards, making them reliable tools to use for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

Modern commercial floor scrubbers are now fitted with long-lasting gel batteries. Compared to traditional car or motorcycle batteries, these power sources are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and can withstand several charge and discharge cycles. These batteries do not need to be disposed of as often, and they can keep up with your floor scrubber usage even in varying temperatures.

Reduced Noise

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gave standards pertaining to safe decibels or noise levels in the workplace. On the average, 90 decibels are acceptable for work involving machinery and equipment. Ideal commercial floor scrubbers operate at less than 70 decibels, thereby making them quiet enough for use in hospitals, schools, offices, and the like.

A True Water Saver

Special features like the Aqua-Stop technology have been integrated into some commercial floor scrubbers, and these can reduce water and cleaning solution usage by up to 20%. These machines focus water on the target area when cleaning, instead of being sloshed around the floor. Aqua-Stop also reduces the drying time of the floor, making it ready to be walked on soon after being scrubbed.


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