Key Features of Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

When choosing commercial floor cleaning machines, you take several factors into consideration. These include the type of surface, the size of the debris and dirt, the amount of dirt, the character of the dirt and debris, the size of the facility, the ideal size of the machine itself, and the number of people who are involved in the cleaning process. Once you’ve determined what type of cleaning machine your facility requires, you can then choose between a ride-on variety and a “pusher” or a walk-behind equipment.

In addition to these considerations, you should also take a look at several other features that can be very useful and can maximize productivity.

Water Usage, Tank Capacity, and Dust Bag

Usually, ride-on sweepers have reusable dust bags, while the walk-behind variety uses disposable dust bags. Convenience and cost will help you determine which of these two types is the better option for your facility. For automatic floor scrubbers, it’s ideal to get a machine that has a large solution tank capacity proportional to its size and offers reduced water and detergent use.

Ease of Use

Vendors offer on-site training for personnel who will operate the machines to ensure that they are used efficiently and as intended. If more than one person will be using the machine, then it’s a good idea to choose a machine that has simple controls and is relatively easy to operate. You should also consider getting a machine that’s easy to fix without having to call repair services in case of minor problems (such as fibers and other debris entangled in the broom).


Ride-on floor scrubbers and sweepers should have hoppers raised high enough to allow the operators to see clearly. Because these machines are quite bulky, it can easily bump into crates, shelves, and other items in the facility, so it’s important that the operator has clear visibility of the surroundings.


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