Green Specs of Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

The cleaning industry can be described as constantly evolving and adapting to the times. With the growing need for greener and environmentally conscious efforts, manufacturers of commercial floor cleaning machines are updating their products to minimize their impact on resources and to make them safer for human health.

Helps Conserve Water

The best commercial floor cleaning machines are now designed to help save water and use as little cleaning solution as possible. Aqua-Stop is a newly-developed feature in many top-of-the-line floor scrubbers, and this contains water plus solution directly within the range of the brushes. This action prevents over spilling of water onto the floor and keeps the dirt from being sloshed about.

Easy Maintenance

One does not need special tools to replace the brushes or empty out tanks and bins for disposal. In terms of energy consumption, these machines have extended battery lives, and can last even after several charge and discharge cycles.

Safer for Everyone

Even without formal equipment training, regular office personnel or cleaning custodians can operate these machines. The controls are designed for easy adjustment, and safety measures are in place to prevent accidents like pinning and skidding.

Because everything is automated, your staff are less exposed to possible fumes from chemical cleaners. Furthermore, these machines may be used in hospitals, schools, and offices, as they produce virtually no noise and zero emissions. Special filters within the vacuum systems also keep the dust away from the air, thereby keeping allergens at bay.



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