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Has Your Business Outgrown Your Vacuum Cleaner?

As a small business owner, you know all too well the struggles of sticking to your budget when running a company. And when it comes to cleaning equipment, you, along with others, would probably think that those dollars could be put to something that serves the core competencies of your business. But when exactly is it time to upgrade your cleaning equipment from the typical household vacuums to the industrial-grade ones?

Selecting a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

While a commercial vacuum cleaner is a larger investment than the regular household kind, these types of machines are more durable, which means they can can be used 24/7. However, before you purchase your commercial vacuum, it’s best that you understand what your needs are. Do you need one that can pick up screws and nails? Or, do you need something more lightweight, one that you can easily carry around from one place to another? The great thing about using commercial cleaners is that most manufacturers can service them as well.

At the end of the day, however, you only need to look at your employees to decide if it’s time to make the move to a commercial vacuum cleaner. If they have been spending more time cleaning instead of manning the cash register or talking to customers, this is a sure sign that it’s time for their time to be put to better use.

Remember that properly maintained offices and commercial establishments are attractive to clients, and most customers will agree that a tidy space is a reflection of how you run your business to some degree. However, if your employees are wasting too much time doing this, then yes, your business has outgrown your vacuum cleaner. Invest in commercial floor cleaning machines today to get the job done in much less time.


Take Care of Your Bottom Line with Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Time is money for any business. When it comes to maintenance tasks, be as efficient as possible to keep your premises in clean and working order without over-spending hours and labor that could be better used somewhere else.

An important part of maintenance for commercial properties is keeping the floors spotless on a daily basis. This is essential to keeping your facility safe and welcoming for both employees and customers. Look into commercial floor cleaning machines to save money, time, and manpower. Read more from this blog:

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines and Their Potential for Business

Business establishments are no strangers to the constant influx of customers and employees. For hours during the day, the floors have to endure and bear the weight of the foot traffic. Floors become very susceptible to dirt and stains, especially in areas with very high foot traffic. Business owners have the utmost responsibility to keep their floors clean, as a guarantee of the health and safety of all who tread on it.

These demanding cleaning jobs gave rise to the release of numerous models of commercial floor cleaning machines. Depending on the place that needs to be kept tidy, there is a type of commercial floor scrubber or sweeper that is most suitable for the job.

Before buying a particular model, consider the type of floor to be cleaned, the vastness of the area, and how often the machine will be used.

The Different Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines Your Business Needs

There is practical wisdom in using commercial floor cleaning machines specifically when you are in an operational commercial space. The biggest difference in cleanings needs in this context as compared to a residential venue is that the foot traffic is much heavier.

Many people will come and go in the office, some of them carrying loads of packages or dragging carts filled with important items. Every single day, the office floor is literally exposed to daily wear and tear. At the same time, however, it should also remain looking clean and professional, so that the business itself will also exude professionalism.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: The Amazing Perks of Walk-Behinds

The floors of commercial establishments have to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep corridors and rooms hospitable for both employees and visitors. While traditional mops and rags still work, commercial floor cleaning machines work better, especially when dealing with dust and dirt on vast surfaces. You may choose a ride-on commercial floor scrubber if you need to cover a large unobstructed area in a short period, but if your facilities are either too wide or too narrow, a walk-behind may be ideal. Here are the reasons why.

Efficient Even in Narrow Areas

A walk-behind floor scrubber is small enough to clean tight corners and small spaces. It may also handle debris stuck on the edge of the floor, which a ride-on may find hard to eliminate. Unlike a ride-on, a walk-behind doesn’t have trouble with inclines, ramps and stairs.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: How to Determine Their Efficiency

Every item, equipment, service, and asset acquired for a company needs to have a specific purpose and should come at a reasonable price. This will keep expenditures within an acceptable range, thereby ensuring optimal profit or returns. For those in the cleaning industry, particularly those involved in commercial and industrial maintenance, investing in commercial floor cleaning machines from leading companies such as Minuteman International calls for careful thought and consideration of the following factors to determine equipment efficiency.

Cleaning Path

Walk-behind scrubbers, ride-on automatic floor scrubber machines, or any other floor-cleaning equipment vary in size, wherein the bigger the machine, the wider is its cleaning path. By matching the right size of floor cleaner to the size of the area(s) to be cleaned, you’ll be able to maximize time and effort.

How Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines Make Floor Scrubbing Easier

There’s no denying that clean, shiny floors make any establishment attractive. But aside from improved aesthetic appeal, keeping your floors well-maintained will prolong their life, saving you thousands of dollars down the line.

Unfortunately, there’s no other part of your building that takes a harder beating than your floors. Years of foot traffic, along with exposure to dust, mud, and snow, will slowly but surely strip off its sheen. Before you know it, a feature that most of your customers take for granted while it’s clean will become a major eyesore when it’s ill-maintained.

Water-Saving Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: A Worthy Investment

According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, about 4 billion people experience severe water shortages at least once a year. A vast majority of these people reside in Africa and the Middle East, where water supply has long been an issue.

However, just because it doesn’t happen in your backyard, doesn’t mean it’s none of your business. After all, all mankind call Planet Earth home, sharing the same resources, including water. In the United States, there have been signs that water shortage is also becoming an issue. In fact, the same study states that 130 million of those who face severe water scarcity happen to live in states like California, Florida, and Texas.

Choosing Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines with the Right Features

Since there are cleaning standards being put up today with the same or decreased maintenance budget, it is often a struggle for business owners and managers alike to look for ways in order to clean facilities without increasing the budget of each especially when your facility is subject to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Therefore, you resort to commercial floor cleaning machines so you can clean your facility efficiently without any need for additional cost.

If you hire cleaning professionals to do the job for you, they have cleaning equipment designed to deliver you the kind of cleaning you’ve wanted. On the other hand, you could also find commercial floor scrubber that offers flexibility for all your cleaning requirements.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Tips for Making Great Purchases

Commercial floor cleaning machines make it faster and easier to thoroughly clean your facility, and there is an extensive range of makes and models available today. These vary based on their power sources, the speed and rotation of the cleaning heads, if they have suction or only scrubbing capabilities and more. Because there are so many differences between the options available on the market, it is important to thoroughly review them so you make the best buying decision possible.

Focus on Your Needs

Two of the main differences between models of commercial floor scrubbers are size and maneuverability. The size of the commercial floor scrubber will play a role in how long it will take to clean your space as well as how easy it is to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, around corners and through doorways.