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Tips On Purchasing an Automatic Floor Scrubber for Your Business Needs

Hard surface floors in establishments are not that easy to clean using traditional tools such as mops. Having your staff manually do the cleaning is a waste of time and energy, decreasing productivity and exhausting your employees. That’s why it’s best to use proper cleaning equipment to finish the task faster and more efficiently.

An automatic floor scrubber is a type of cleaning equipment that work well on different types of surfaces such as vinyl, stone, and hardwood. It’s actually considered one of the best tools that can remove dirt, grease, and debris through its efficient water replacement process and scrub head agitating action. Using automatic scrubbers doesn’t require too much labor as well, allowing your staff to save time and energy that they can spend on other important tasks.
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Know When and Why to Bid Your Automatic Floor Scrubber Goodbye

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to retire your old automatic floor scrubber, then you should look for signs that it’s no longer in good working condition. One indication is its inability to fully clean. A scrubber is meant to remove filth and polish surfaces, but if the floors remain dirty or filmy after a cleaning session, then the machine may be dysfunctional.

You can also tell that you need a new scrubber if the janitors take too long cleaning the floors. Because the machines are no longer functioning properly, the janitors may have to do several cleaning rounds to make the floors shiny again. This wastes time, energy, and expenses, which can be addressed by replacing the old equipment.

Being aware of these signs will help you improve the maintenance of your establishment. Once you notice any of these signals, start shopping for new equipment.

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A Quiet Floor Scrubber Makes a Good Cleaner for Healthcare Facilities

When people hear the phrase noise pollution, the first thing that comes to their mind are honking cars and jackhammers. The truth is that ducking indoors doesn’t spare you from excessive noise. At work, people spend eight or more hours in enclosed spaces where sounds ricochet off the walls and straight into their ears.

Nowhere is this truer than in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Medical staff are required to perform their duties amid doctor-patient chatter, the rolling of gurney wheels, and the whir of cleaning equipment, among many other distracting sounds. These sounds that many consider a normal part of the workday can have serious effects on people.

Floor Scrubber – Understanding What It Is and What It Can Do For You

Before the advent of floor scrubbers, cleaning our floors would require a lot of water, soap and some strong chemicals to get rid of stains. The task would even require you to get down on your knees and spend a lot of time cleaning your floors. Today, with floor scrubbers for sale, the hard work spent cleaning has been reduced significantly. A floor scrubber is otherwise known as a mop and quite an efficient innovation to greatly reduce the labor spent on cleaning floors.

In many buildings and establishments more than commercial equipment, it is fairly common to see this tool as part of daily floor maintenance and it takes a fraction of the time cleaning the floors as you would manually on your knees.

A Handy Guide on Automatic Floor Scrubber Maintenance and Shopping

A floor scrubber has delicate components, so you’ll need to follow a few steps in order to keep your machine in optimum condition. Before you implement any advanced procedures, carefully read the owner’s manual for your unit. The booklet should have a chapter that addresses the maintenance requirements that are specifically designed for the machine.

Maintenance for the Brushes

The brushes underneath a floor scrubber will attract debris like a magnet, so you must clean the bristles regularly. If a lot of dirt covers the brushes, the machine may malfunction over time.