Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying a Scrubber

With industrialization spreading fast, it can be really tempting to incorporate automatic floor cleaning machines into your regular building maintenance kit. Choosing the machines that will serve your needs, however, can be difficult with the many suppliers mushrooming everywhere. Following are a couple of the mistakes you should avoid to ensure that the machines you will purchase are perfect for your needs.

Not Checking If Replacement Parts Are Available

Your excitement to try your commercial floor cleaning machines might cause you to forget about the fact that they will not last forever. After a few years or so, some of their parts will need replacement. If the supplier where you bought them from do not have the replacement parts, it will severely affect your productivity.

Choosing a Scrubber with a Scrub Deck Aligned with the Machine’s Body

If the machine’s scrub deck is aligned with the body, it will be difficult to make it clean nooks and crannies hidden along walls and barriers. Check the body and the maneuverability of the machine and try using it in the shop to make sure you can handle it properly and with ease.

There are other common buying mistakes that you should avoid to make sure you will pick the perfect unit. If you think you don’t have sufficient knowledge about commercial cleaning equipment, ask an expert. You must tell him about the size of the space that needs to be cleaned and the types of dirt the machines will be used for. Those pieces of information are vital if you want to make an informed decision.



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