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Floor Scrubbers for Sale: What You Need for a Thorough and Green Clean

Unclean establishments can turn away customers and could raise the ire of local health authorities. Cleaning up large commercial spaces, however, can cost a lot of resources and water, which is hardly ideal either for the environment or the proprietor’s wallet.

Proprietors of businesses that require a lot of cleaning and maintenance (such as restaurants, groceries, convenience stores, etc.) need to consider the amount of water and materials they need to get the job done. By choosing from the many floor scrubbers for sale by manufacturers like Minuteman International, business owners can potentially save on costs, and on their water usage. The best commercial cleaning machines are so efficient, they require little to no water to be utilized.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Perfect for After-Shift Cleanups

Cleaning up your business establishment can be challenging, especially if you own large premises that need cleaning after every long and exhausting shift. Restaurants and groceries, in particular, require regular floor cleaning to remain presentable and sanitary.

Mopping floors after business hours not only gets pretty tiring but also makes it next to impossible to cover bigger surfaces in a short span of time. Fortunately, you can use commercial floor cleaning machines from trusted manufacturers like Minuteman International that automate much of the cleaning process and cut down much of the effort needed to clean floors. These machines can leave surfaces much cleaner than if they were scrubbed by hand.

Floor Scrubbers: Validating Your Investment of a Ride-on Scrubber

Floor scrubbers for sale come in all shapes and sizes. From small corded machines to large battery- or fuel-powered behemoths, there are indeed many options from which to choose. For properties with a large amount of floor space, however, the ride-on variety is generally the best option due to the larger scrubbing width, reduced operator fatigue, larger water/detergent storage capacity and more. All these features equate to one major advantage: enhanced productivity. These three significant advantages are explained below.

Selecting Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Walk-behind or Ride-on?

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a commercial floor scrubber. Now you need to decide whether you should invest in one of the many advanced ride-on scrubbers in the market or if a walk-behind model would be the better choice for your needs. Consider these points as you weigh the advantages of both types of commercial floor cleaning machines.

How to Preserve the Appearance of Concrete Floors

Many buildings nowadays are built with concrete floors that help make maintenance less expensive and time-consuming. Concrete is also more durable than other flooring materials. Stained and polished concrete can also make for a visually striking flooring on any property.

Concrete floor maintenance can be made even easier with a few simple hacks. For instance, you can place floor mats on entrances or exits and runner carpets on high-traffic hallways to trap some of the mud, dust, and dirt that people bring in. Doing so also helps prevent wear and tear and protects surface colors from dulling too quickly.

Concrete floor scrubbing, though carried out occasionally, should be as meticulous as possible. Here are some pointers to remember:


  • Use only the auto floor scrubber and pads specified for concrete floors. Be cautious when handling brushes as they can be abrasive.


  • Scrub the floor with the appropriate detergents or chemicals to preserve any decorative stain or finish.


  • Pay particular attention to the grooves in the concrete or the etched lines of decorative patterns. Without proper scrubbing, grime and stains can easily build up in those tiny indentations.


  • If the floor has not been polished, you may need to apply a concrete sealer depending on your contractor’s instructions. Otherwise, you can apply commercial-grade floor wax to protect it from stains or scratches and burnish the surface to maintain its look.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Slips, trips, and falls result in thousands of injuries every year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, these accidents account for 15 percent of accidental deaths, 25 percent of reported injury claims, and over 95 million lost work days every year. As you can imagine, these accidents can spell big bucks lost due to inefficiency, unemployment, and liability claims.

Wet or damp floors aren’t the only causes of slip, trip, and fall accidents within a commercial establishment. Clutter and improper cleaning can also cause hazards for anyone walking by or working in the area. To prevent slips, trips, and falls, here are a few guidelines that will help make any work environment safe for staff and customers:

Reduce wet or slippery surfaces

Indoor floor control measures should be implemented to include the following: use of non-slip moisture-absorbent mats in entrance areas, putting up “wet floor” signs as necessary, use of anti-skid adhesive tape in stairs and other troublesome areas, and the immediate cleanup of spills.

Implement good housekeeping practices

Safety and good housekeeping go hand in hand. There are three simple steps to creating an effective housekeeping program: plan, purchase high quality floor cleaning equipment, and conduct ongoing and regular training.

It’s ultimately up to the facility manager to plan, stay alert, and pay attention to his facility’s floor conditions. Consult a floor cleaning professional on ways to improve.